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Revolver Records
Revolver Records This is one of the first record shops on the Ramblas side of Carrer de Tallers. The ground floor is mainly CDs, so head to the back of the store and climb the spiral staircase past the huge KISS mural to the vinyl floor. Lots of US, UK and Spanish releases of new and used vinyl are all to be had for reasonable prices. There's also a couple of decks, so you can try before you buy.

11 Carrer De Tallers


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Disco Edison's
Disco Edison's "Specialists in out of stock vinyl", so says the advert. Pretty good shop with a wide selection of used vinyl. Fairly well organised but a bit grungy. There are about 3 different shops with different strengths.
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  Riera Baixa 9 &10
Discos Impacto
Discos Impacto Located midway down Tallers Street& this little shop buys and sells vinyl to a mainly rock and indie style crowd. There's plenty to choose from classic rock wise and the guitar end of things is the shops speciality. Found 2 early Stone Roses bootleg LPs here surprisingly. KISS fans will love the place but it's a bit pricey considering all the competition nearby!
Expensive Rock and Roll


93 302 26 35

61 Carrer de Tallers
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Riff Raff
Riff Raff

Sadly, news just in from one of our readers, this shop is no more! A great shame indeed.

This was just a great record shop - pure and simple. Loads of choice, lots of quality, it's well laid out, and damn perfect! The staff were friendly and knew their stuff, (they woulld pull you to the back of the shop and dig out records that they thought you'd like!) Their plastic bags were nice and funky too.
If we had a medal to give, this place would have got it!

"If you can tear yourself away from the many sight seeing treats in the Catalan cuidad, then make this a priority."

24 Riera Baixa

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Wah Wah
Wah Wah
Another superb shop. The service is not up to the standard of Riff Raff and their cataloguing system is so complicated it takes a good 5 minutes to buy anything, but it is worth the wait. They have every genre you could possibly want and loads of it. Fans of experimental 60s electronic music are in for a rare treat. The Funk and Soul selection is so large they have to stack the new records on top of the racks. This is the only record shop which has cat-on-leash security.
Wah Wah Shop

C/ Riera Baixa 14 08001 Barcelona
Phone: (+34) 934423703


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Two other shops worth a visit are Etnomusic and S.F. Vinyle on Carrer del Bonsuccés.

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